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There’s lots of ways to blog. And while you could just share images of your pretty designs there’s something to be said for writing content rich interior design blog posts. Badass interior design blog post ideas that will get people hot and bothered to comment, share and fall in love with you. 

First let’s start with what in the eff does “content rich” mean? 

It means your website content is valuable to your target market. The best way for you to figure out if your content is rich is to ask yourself “does this help my reader (client)?” When you’re a helpful designer, that leads to sales.

#1 The How-To Post

Teach your client how to do something that’s related to what you offer. That means if you’re a paint consultant you wouldn’t want to show them how to calculate yardage for reupholstering a chair. As a color consultant you may want to teach them how to find estimate how much paint they need to paint their room.

#2 Behind-The-Scenes

Designers always have sketches, notes, mood boards in process. Maybe even photos of items you’re sourcing for your latest project. Let your reader in on the process visually. Then you can direct them to your design service *winky face*

#3 Your Process

What’s your design process? How’d you come up with it? Go through your entire process and if it’s gonna be a long post, break it up into several posts (i.e. a series – which gives them something to come back for).

#4 Your Top Tips

You know a lot of stuff, so share your top tips to picking paint colors or how to measure a room in under 10 minutes. Maybe you’ve got some go-to resources that would be really helpful to them that you haven’t shared before? Share it, baby!

#5 Share Your Opinion

By sharing your opinion on something it shows that you’ve got something to say. Maybe you’re like me and you’re over Mason jars. Post about how Mason Jars are now the bane of your existence and why. Maybe you should also share what you think is a better alternative to them. 

#6 How’d You Get Started?

Write a blog post on how you got started. What led you to this point in your life? What fuels your passion for design?

#7 Your As to their Qs

If you’ve created a FAQ page you can turn each of those questions into a blog post. It allows you to elaborate on your process and service.

#8 Free Resource

This will be a list builder, so make it something that’s easy to use and also something that they can get a result from right away. You’re not going to write a 50 page eBook on how to select the right paint colors for your South facing home – but go simple like going over the types of paint sheens for a room and what each sheen is for.

#9 Wish I’d Known Post

This type of post is awesome for sharing with your readers a mistake you’ve made and how you addressed it. We never want to share our failures, but none of walk on water so share a mistake.

#10 Teach It

Write a post teaching your readers how to do something you do for clients. For instance, write a post about what steps you take to accessorize a coffee table. Maybe you even have your own formula you could create a graphic for. That image would be “pin-worthy”.

#11 Your Fave Retailers

Make an ultimate list of your favorite retailers that you love.

#12 App Crush

Do you have a handy app your readers could also use? Write a post about it or a roundup of your 5 fave apps.

#13 Accessories

And this doesn’t have to be about specific accessories, but maybe what’s the finishing touch you add to every project that is your signature? 

#14 Back To The Future

What were you doing a year ago today? How has your business changed?

#15 City Tour Guide

If you have a local design business, write a blog post about the hot spots in your area that you love. Especially if you have places with awesome interiors. This is a great idea because of the SEO purposes – people searching for a restaurant in your town may also need a designer with an eye for design. 

#16 Lists

List your favorite paint colors – like your favorite teal paint colors. Then make a pin for it like I did and watch it get shared like crazy. (I used this software to make this image)

#17 Feature a Client + Their Testimonial About You

Interview your client to share with your readers why this client hired you, what the problem was you solved and their glowing words about working with you. 

#18 Before + After Post

Walk your readers through a project (this could be a series of posts) from beginning to end where you finish the post with your client’s delightful testimonial about working with you.

#19 Interview

You could always interview your contractors you work with. What should your client know about working with a contractor? A painter? A cabinet maker?

#20 Cheat Sheet

Create a cheat sheet on something how to estimate flooring or paint or whatever your business deals with (this can be another list builder).

Need more ideas? Ask yourself…

  • What do my clients ask me all the time?

  • What do I know that my colleagues don’t?

  • What mistakes have I made?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • How do you think differently about design?

  • What are misconceptions about designers?

  • How did your company get its name?

  • Who was your first client?

  • Why is your company unique?

  • How’d you come up with your service?

  • What mistakes do you see others making in their home?

  • What are the trends coming up?

  • What are your favorite design books?

  • What’s your end-of the year summary – good/bad/next year goal?

And here’s the last really important nugget, use your keywords. It’d be such a bummer to write a post about your favorite apps and name the post: apps. Womp womp. 

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