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There is nothing better than finding the best loafers. I recently splurged on the Gucci loafers above. The perfect loafer is out there for you! Here is a round-up of some of the best loafers on the market right now.

Loafer 1, Loafer 2, Loafer 3

I love the small heel and comfy/chic nature of them. Next up is a classic Gucci style – the slide version of their traditional loafer style. There are everywhere – and for a reason. They are perfect to slip in for any occasion. The third option is the same style as the first but in a smooth burgundy shade. I love this color for the fall!


Loafer 1, Loafer 2, Loafer 3

First up is a gorgeous black loafer by Chloe. These are sleek and sophisticated and are perfect for dressing up every outfit. The gold emblem is a nice pop of shine. Second, up is the last Gucci loafer of this roundup. The flat version of the white and gold print from before. The traditional loafer shape makes these a bit more casual. Next up is a fun gloss croc print from Tory Burch. These are the perfect color for fall and will look great with any outfit.

Loafer 1, Loafer 2, Loafer 3

The fist loafer is a super minimal style in a white croc print. These are super sleek and would complement most outfits. I love the idea of wearing this in an all-white look or balancing out a colorful/black look with these. Next up is a super minimal black loafer with a wood bottom. These are a great staple to have if you love minimalist items. They will never go out of style since they are so classic. The last loafers have a super fun heel. These are still neutral but with a twist. Perfect for adding a bit of style and surprise to your look.

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