15 Incredible Gallery Walls

There’s nothing I love more than a inspiring gallery wall. When I was creating the gallery wall for The COCOCOZY Design House I was pulling inspiration like crazy. Today I showing you 15 of the best gallery images I have found. Hopefully, they give you some joy + inspiration for your own future project.

First up is a beautiful home filled with accents of blue and a feeling of travel. It’s easy to say the owner of this home is well-traveled. I love that there is in the background and foreground. The selection of sizes and artwork work well together.

Next up is a sleek and modern that spans the wall horizontally. Since more walls tend to go floor to ceiling I love this unique and creative approach. I love the two centerpiece frames surrounded by a smaller cluster on each side. 

Gallery Wall

Now we are onto an ultra-glam living room with a Parisian twist. The frames on the left takes a light approach by having a lot of white space in the artwork. This allows the to be a nice addition without overtaking the space.

This gorgeous simplistic dining room has a beautiful amount of wood furniture. The galley wall takes a minimalist + abstract approach with the art inside the frame. Adding a few black accents was a smart moving to add some emphasis to this room.

Next up is a beautiful entryway set up with a gallery wall, a gorgeous piece of furniture and a variety of collected items. I love the large scale approach to this gallery wall. The botanical artwork adds a nice touch to add a feminine flair to this space.

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