Muted Green Interiors are the Next Big Thing

This post was going to be about light muted blue walls but through my research, I found muted green interiors may just be the next big thing. They are everywhere and for good reason. They are simply stunning! Throughout scouring the web I found so many incredible examples of harmonious muted green interiors. Without further a due – get ready to be inspired to paint your whole place a similar shade of green. 

Photo and Design Via: Vestige Home

First up is a darling home office – bookshelf combo. The green walls look brilliant with the dark brown window framing and warm-toned hutch. I love how the desk is worked into the hutch but still has a small profile. The sherpa chair gives off the perfect dash of lightness and cozy to this space. Where can I find one of these chairs? 

Photo and Design Via: Vestige Home

And we can’t miss talking about this dreamy living room. I love the two different colored walls in this home. It creates such a unique dynamic. The dark muted green looks amazing with the soft cream + grey tones. The grey sofa also adds perfectly to the color palette while the throw pillows add a nice subtle touch of color. 

Photo Via: Leibal // Design: Studio Robert McKinley

This is hands down one of my favorite interiors of the bunch. This image inspired the whole post! The green walls in this room are stunning with the paneling/molding. It emphasizes the color perfectly. Then, the green comforter and hints of green are the perfect tie in. Who could miss that headboard? The pattern is simply eyecatching and pairs great with the white sheets to keep the green from being overwhelming. 

Photo and Design Via: Devol Kitchens

If you thought muted green wasn’t for the kitchen – here is proof it is. These muted dark green walls are infinitely pleasing to look at. especially since it’s paired with warm wood floors, white marble, and hints of copper. That stove is absolutely divine as well! This room is a bit moody while being so chic. 

Photo Via: Elle Decor

Now, this sunroom is what dreams are made of! When can I move in? The soft green walls do a fantastic job in the space of bringing the outdoors in while keeping a peaceful feeling in the room. The woven window coverings are so natural feeling. The same goes for the wicker and soft white furniture. I would love to spend an afternoon here! 

Photo Via: Elle Decor // Design: Ken Fulk

Ever imagine a green bathroom? Nows time to start considering it. These punchy muted green walls look amazing in this small space. The window adds the perfect dash of warmth and sunlight. The dark floors and pops of white add nice light and dark accents to this space. The penguin adds a quirky and unsuspecting fun detail.

Photo Via: House and Garden // Design: Laura Jackson

This living room is stunning. The green muted walls look amazing in this light and colorful room. The colorful pattern rug and books add the perfect dashes of color. The white fireplace and portrait add a beautiful dash of white. The beige armchairs take up a nice volume in this space that keeps it feeling cozy.

Photo and Design Via: Tamara Miles Design

This bedroom is absolutely stunning. The darker green looks great with the paneling and molding. The bright white bedding adds a much need breath of fresh air and pop of brightness. The dark green headboard adds a very subtle darkness to the color palette that works beautifully. Last but not least. the dark wood nightstand adds a nice textural component to the room. Plus that bed looks cozy enough to jump right into!

Photo Via: CocoKelly // Design: Heidi Caillier

On to another kitchen, this space is so serene, moody, and chic all at the same time. I love that the cabinets are a soft muted green interiors tone paired with white walls for a punch of light. The warm wood floors and black countertops both add a much need contrast and addition of texture.

Photo Via: Farrow and Ball // Design: Studio Robert McKinley

This desk space is equally chic as it is functional. The detail in the walls really highlights the muted green paint. Plus that piece of artwork adds a nice dash of color + design to the space. I love the low profile desk and arching lamp. This seems like a wonderful space to get work done.

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