The unexpected way homeowners can help NHS staff as they fight coronavirus

As a country, we’re all doing our bit to help those in need during this challenging time. But there’s a new way homeowners can help NHS staff fighting coronavirus.

Car parking app JustPark is urging people who live near hospitals to offer their car parking space to NHS employees and patients for free.

This is becoming increasingly important as public transport is running at a reduced service. What’s more, driving is also a safer method of travelling for key workers, as it avoids coming into contact with others.

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How can our homes help NHS staff?

Help NHS staff with your driveway

Image credit: Heather Hobhouse

The platform has set up a dedicated coronavirus appeal page on their app, so parking space owners can go on and list their space in just a few minutes.

JustPark allows unused parking spaces to be listed for others to reserve and pay for in advance. But the app is permitting free parking for healthcare workers and patients by making it possible to list spaces for no charge.

The good news is that more than 1,500 free parking spaces located near hospitals and health centres have been donated by the public so far – which is helping to ease pressure on healthcare professionals.

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help NHS with car park space

Image credit: Mel Yates

Anthony Eskinazi, founder and CEO of JustPark says, ‘This is clearly a very difficult time with many challenges that we all need to pull together to overcome. There is a general sense that people want to help one another, and this appeal is one of the ways they can do that.’

He added, ‘Healthcare staff are working round the clock to care for the public, but there are an increasing number of parking issues facing NHS workers, which is adding to the pressure they are facing at this time.’

‘Many people have unused parking spaces in key locations, so we’re appealing for them to support the efforts of our NHS by making them available as free hospital parking to those in need.’

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It’s also worth pointing out that if you have space on a driveway this could be used for medical workers. If this is the case, reach out to your local hospital or medical centre.

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