Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev adds "signature boldness" to his New York apartment

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

Tiled walls, purple carpeting and leathery cabinets are among the features Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev and partner Tyler Billinger have included in the renovation of their New York apartment.

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

The designers, who run Crosby Studios together, used bold colours, geometric shapes and eclectic materials to bring their personal styles into the residence in the city’s NoLita neighbourhood.

“When designing our own home, we were really able to infuse our style into the space,” Nuriev told Dezeen. “It’s 100 per cent us, with zero restrictions.”

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

The designers, who often experiment with vibrant colours in their furniture and interior projects, added touches of violet throughout the interior.

“We consider ultraviolet to be the supporting colour in its design,” added Billinger, who is Crosby Studios CEO. “Our favourite colour at the time the violet shade is playful, optimistic, cheerful, and regal.”

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

“If we redid the apartment today, it would probably be neon green, Harry’s latest colour obsession,” Billinger continued.

The residence has two floors with the living room on the lower level and bedroom set above.

Purple carpeting, an armchair and shelving units are used to contrast against the grey used on the walls, couch and curtains in the lounge.

“We wanted a space that was not only elegant, but also liveable – we wanted to create a cosy sanctuary, which is why we used a warm grey as the base colour, and a vibrant purple as the supporting to give it that Crosby signature boldness.”

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

Ceramic square tiles designed in collaboration with Mumbai design studio Hatsu cover the floors and walls throughout the interior. Nuriev and Billinger said they took cues from competition swimming pools to design them.

A number of Nuriev’s previous installations and collections are used to furnish the space. They include the abstractly shaped purple bookcases, shelving units and tables decorated with recurring hand shapes that he created as part of a collaboration with fashion brand Opening Ceremony.

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

All of the furniture and fixtures used throughout the interiors were custom-built for the project, including the lighting, kitchen cabinets, dining table and bathroom vanity.

In the kitchen, the cabinets are upholstered with white vegan leather that the designers used on other elements of the design, including the gold bed headboard and silver couch.

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

The white tilework is continued on the bedroom walls. Purple pillows and a set of circular side tables add colour to the otherwise stark interior. A small alcove set in the corner of the room creates an additional resting area.

A box-like basin fits inside a cylindrical frame to form a sink vanity in the bathroom. Tapware and faucets in the bathroom and kitchen were designed with Dorf Australia.

Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger Residence

Other features of the design are the spiralling metal staircase, an open shelving unit for displaying shoes and several large rectangular cutouts filled with transparent violet-hued glass that reflect the colour across its surroundings.

Nuriev is a Russian designer who founded interior architecture and furniture design firm Crosby Studios in Moscow in 2014, and is now based in New York.

His other projects include a plastic sofa stuffed with discarded Balenciaga clothes and a pink restaurant in Moscow.

Photography is by Dylan Chandler. Courtesy of Crosby Studios.

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