Pink bedroom ideas that can be pretty and peaceful, or punchy and playful

We’ve found new and creative ways to think pink

With tones from subtle blush to full-on fuchsia, pink is a surprisingly versatile colour choice for a bedroom. And it’s definitely not a shade that should be confined to little girls’ rooms. The right pink is out there for everyone, as you’ll see from our wide-ranging selection of pink bedroom ideas.

If you’re a follower of fashion, you’ll know that pale powder and blush pinks – and specifically Millennial pink – are having a moment. The great thing about this blush colour is its slightly beige tint, which takes it away from the sickly sweet end of the spectrum and into more sophisticated, androgynous territory.

Work it with grey, beige or greige paint and fabrics, and wooden furniture with either a very night Nordic or dark walnut finish for an instant styling success.

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For a more fun take on things, we’d recommend a deep hot pink. It’s a daring pick, but one that will have you bounding out of bed every morning, full of energy.

There are several ways you can take on this colour, one being to use a white backdrop and accessorise with similarly strong shades of cobalt blue and sunshine yellow – think Bluebellgrey. Or you could tone it down with fresh spring greens – a good way to go if you like a vibrant country look.

Scroll on to see these and more ways to use pink in your bedroom.

1. Pick blousey blooms

Image credit: Simon Whittaker

Introducing pink doesn’t mean you have to go with a huge block of colour. Bringing in splashes of the hue against a dark background like this giant wall mural is a sophisticated way to bring it into your bedroom.

Wall murals like this one can be found at Pick out the different tones with your bed linen and a rug to pull the scheme together.

2. Go for a candy crush

Prevent candy pink from looking too sickly sweet by balancing it with zingy citrus yellows and cool blues. This colour combo works extremely well together and is reminiscent of pastel hued retro sweets.

The look can be grounded with a neutral floor and splashes of grey, which will give it a more grown-up feel too.

 3. Deepen the shades

Once you’ve picked the shade you like most for your walls, bring in darker versions of it from the same spectrum to highlight a dado rail or soft furnishings.

This salmon pink has reddish tones, so the rich rust tones of the upholstered bed, the rug and the footstool, work really well with it.

4. Leave a gap

Bringing in a wall colour can feel overwhelming to some, so keep your pink bedroom on the serene side by choosing a pale shade with beige or yellowish undertones and paint only up to the dado rail.

If you don’t have a dado rail, it doesn’t matter, mark a line around the room that you paint the colour up to and use white paint above and on your ceiling.

5. Use pretty fabrics

If changing your paint colour is too big a job right now, bring in pink with some fabrics in pale and dark tones and create a pretty canopy to hang over the bed. Add some cushions and you’ll create a cocoon that you won’t want to leave.

6. Embrace summer with sunbaked style


Image credit: Debenhams

Mediterranean shades lend earthy warmth to interior and bring a holiday feel to your bedroom. Paint a feature wall in a chalky rose finish to bring soft glow to your colour scheme, then add eclectic accessories in rustic, sun-kissed tones.

Celebrate traditional craftsmanship, organic forms and touchable textures with hand-woven pieces and artisan makes in clay, cotton, wood and rattan. Bedlinen, throws and cushions are enhanced with tufting and trims for relaxed glamour.

7. Snuggle up with shades of rose pink

pink bedroom ideas

Image credit: Max Attenborough

Add accents of heart-warming pink hues with layers of luxury linen, chunky knits and soft chenille accessories and furnishings. Tactile soul-soothing textures can bring comfort when it’s cold outside. Pom-poms and tassels add a playful touch to this elegant look.

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8. Start with a cushion


Image credit: Olly Gordon

Inspiration for this scheme came from the plump pink cushions used to dress the bed. The owner then found an inexpensive paint for the walls that’s a perfect match – all proving a pink bedroom transformation needn’t cost a fortune. The addition of charcoal blinds and a monochrome rug and cushions ensure things don’t stray too far into girlie territory.

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9. Layer up powder pink with a hint of modern monochrome


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

We can’t take our eyes off this stunning room scheme, which is proof – if any were needed – that pink can be classy and restful. In fact, here, it’s almost a neutral – a barely-there flush of femininity.

The matt grey lighting, spot bedding and rustic wood furniture create a cool contrast against the pretty pink, giving the space a quiet sophistication.

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10. Style shabby chic furniture with a scaled-up pink floral


Image credit: David Brittain

Shabby chic gets a modern makeover with vintage florals in cleaner colours and crisper designs. To emulate this look, mix cottage-garden motifs with spots, texture and crips white linen. Then accesorise with zinc, enamel and aged wood for that lived in feel. Blooming lovely!

11. Pair pink and plum for a modern vintage look


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

A classic pastel pink gives this room obvious feminine appeal, but decadent touches keep things grown up. The deep stack of pillows, elegant jacquard curtains and chic glass handles all say ‘hotel style’, while textured throws add luxe, colour and extra warmth.

Top tip: Got a blank space crying out for a little love? personalise it with a collection of antique-style mirrors and farmed artwork.

12. Combine plaster pink with Mid-Century classics


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Plaster pink is a goes-with-anything shade that will see you through the seasons. It brings subtle glamour to the scheme, and tones in beautifully with the natural bedding and flooring and iconic Ercol bed frame and dressing table.

Top tip: Freshen and add definition to a cosy neutral bedroom with hits of pure brilliant white on paintwork, fabrics and pieces of art.

13. Use pink as a backdrop to gold and grey


Mix soft pink and rustic textures with a touch of polish in the form of high-shine gold details, for a cosy but chic bedroom. This shell pink adds a warmer, more feminine feel that blends with neutrals without creating a contrast.

Top tip: Hang a trio of bare-bulb pendants low by the bed so they can be used to read by.

14. Frame bold fuchsia pink tones against a white backdrop


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Bring an instant hit of tropical summer to your bedroom all year around with bright bed linen and vibrant floral patterns. White makes for a very versatile backdrop, allowing the colours to pop yet not overwhelm. You really need to have confidence with this look, and stick with strong shades throughout to be truly successful. Using a print on the wall can help tie things together – if you can’t find the right artwork, try framing a swatch of wallpaper in a complementary fabric.

Top tip: Increase the storage options in your bedroom with a smart ottoman upholstered in your favourite fabric.

15. Clash patterns in hot pink


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Ok, it looks scary, but be brave with this rich pink shade and it’ll make your room feel bright all summer and warm in winter. Blocks of plain fuchsia on a wall can be overbearing, so it’s good to break up the colour by using pattern. A sunny yellow light not have been your first though as an accent, but it’s the perfect addition here. Touches of brass, gold or silver will also look great – but copper? Not so much…

16. Channel spring with folk patterns and green accents


Image credit: David Brittain

You can create an upbeat country home by taking advantage of the revival of folksy patterns in vibrant hues. There’s something joyful about this bedroom, where a handsome upholstered headboard draws the eye. The palette almost says English country garden, but the more vibrant tones ensure a contemporary  finish. Go too pale, and you could fall into twee territory.

17. Complement blush pink with hints of terracotta for a cosy effect


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Layering darker terracotta and brick red tones will add depth to coral blush and cool neutrals, making for a room that’s elegant and enticing. This plaster-effect wallpaper gives the look of natural, distressed surface, without you having to fuss around with remodelling or paint effects.

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As you can see, whether your style is ultra contemporary or totally traditional, it’s never been easier to embrace pink at home.

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