Working from home causing your energy bill to soar? Save money with these simple energy-saving tips

New research has revealed that household energy bills could soar by £195 during the lockdown. Try and keep costs down with these tips on how to save money on energy bills in lockdown.

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If you are among the millions of people no longer going into your normal workplace, you’ll see a spike in the amount of gas and electricity that you’re using.

Research from a comparison site, Uswitch, has estimated that household with people working from home will use an extra 25 per cent more electricity. They will also use an extra 17 per cent gas each day.

But what does that mean for our energy bills? The extra electricity and gas usage could potentially add £195 to a households energy bill, or £16 a month.

Many energy suppliers are working with the government to provide support for those struggling with their energy bill at this time.

However, if you are looking for a few ways to stop your energy bill from surging in price, here are a few tips to get you started.

Save money on energy bills in lockdown

Batch cook

Save money on energy bills in lockdown 1

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Batch cooking isn’t just for creating convenient lunches for the office. ‘Cooking one big meal instead of lots of little ones will save energy )and cut down on the washing up),’ explains Joe Richardson, UK General Manager at Bulb.

However, make sure you allow leftovers to cool down before storing them. Warm food will raise the temperature of the fridge, meaning it will have to work harder (and use more energy) to cool itself down.

Work in a room with plenty of natural light

Save money on energy bills in lockdown 2

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‘Taking advantage of natural light can save energy and reduce your bills – but it can also help improve your mood and boost productivity when working from home,’ explains Joe.

Turn the heating down by 1 degree

‘Close doors to empty spaces and focus your heating on the room you’re using,’ says Joe. ‘Reduce draughts and make friends with your thermostat – turning your heating down by just 1 degree can make a big difference to your energy bill.’

Stop leaving your electronics on standby

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That red dot on your laptop or TV is all costing you money.

‘Electronics and appliances on standby mode use a surprising amount of energy, given half a chance,’ says Joe. ‘Turn your devices off at the switch when you’re not using them to avoid paying for that little red dot.’

Unplug devices you aren’t using

If you are guilty of leaving your phone or laptop plugged in when they fully charged, you are still using electricity.

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Switch off, unplug and save every penny.

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