Homeowner transforms home with lockdown DIY – by painting kitchen units grey

What a smart way to beat isolation frustration – finally getting around to all the DIY jobs we keep putting off. This savvy homeowner is inspiring us all by transforming her kitchen – by painting her kitchen units grey and applying a marble-look vinyl to the worktops.

Before the Coronavirus lockdown homeowner Sarah Boe, from South Wales, received a quote for £10,000 for a new kitchen. 

Not within budget, the single mum of five and mental health nurse for the NHS (💙) decided to do it herself. She has totally transformed the look and feel of her kitchen for just £88 –  a staggering difference of £9,912!

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DIY makeover: Painting kitchen units and applying vinyl

Painting kitchen units for a refresh

Image credit: Sarah Boe

Sarah shared her story with Latest Deals saying, ‘I had a quote for a kitchen which was over £10,000, which was way above what I could afford to spend. I joined DIY groups online and found tips on there.’ Prepped and ready to tackle the job herself.

The new grey shade takes the kitchen to trendy new depths in no time at all. Proving the power of painting kitchen units rather than replacing the whole thing.

Kitchen before

kitchen before painting units

Image credit: Sarah Boe

Instead of paying out the huge cost to replace the kitchen Sarah carried out a bargain DIY job herself.

She sourced supplies from home and hardware stores where everything can be bought online for home delivery.

Saying, ‘I bought 10 metres of DC-Fix from Vinyl Warehouse, as I needed the extra width for the worktops.’ That cost £49.

‘I also bought Wilko cupboard paint which was on offer at £8, and used Wilko tile paint at £15 a tin. I then bought stickers for the tiles to make it look less clinical, which cost £6 on Amazon.’

Where to start on a DIY kitchen makeover…

‘I washed everything with sugar soap prior to application,’ Sarah explains. ‘The biggest tip for me would be to sand the worktops slightly as any residue left on then will cause bubble in the DC which is a pain.’

Going on to explain, ‘I used a small roller and applied two coats for better coverage on the kitchen cupboards.’

‘I applied one coat of paint on the tiles with a paint brush. You can’t tell when the paint has dried that a brush was used. I applied the sticker by hand and wiped then over with a soft cloth.’

painting kitchen units

Image credit: Sarah Boe

What a brilliant job. The kitchen looks brand new, thanks to Sarah’s hard work.

Reflecting on taking the plunge by doing it herself Sarah says, ‘I was worried at first in case it went disastrously wrong. But halfway through I was pleased as knew it was going to look okay!’. It looks more than ok, it looks amazing Sarah – well done.

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On a happy note she says, ‘I hope [when Coronavirus is over] also able to use some cash I have left on a holiday with my children.’

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