Escape to the Chateau's Angel and Dick Strawbridge are helping us decorate our homes during lockdown

Escape to the Chateau’s Dick and Angel Strawbridge might have filled our heads with dreams of moving to a French Castle. However, now the pair are inspiring Brits to stay home and give their house a small facelift. How? With a new Escape to the Chateau Make Do and Mend show.

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‘Dick and Angel’s make do and mend, it’s a working title,’ Angel Strawbridge told Phil and Holly on This Morning via a video call. The newly commissioned show is still in its very early stages, but we’re are hoping it will be on our TVs soon to inspire us during lockdown.

Escape to the Chateau Make Do and Mend

‘Everyone has junk drawer somewhere in their house, they’ve got certain jobs that need to be done,’ explained Dick Strawbridge. ‘We always have people asking us for our advice, on how we did this [The Chateau].’

escape to the chateau make

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‘We thought we’d show them how to do some jobs, and find out how they’ve done some, too,’ said Dick, explaining the concept of the new show . ‘We’d visit their home on skype or facetime, and we’d find out what they’ve done.’

Filming hasn’t yet begun on the new project from The Escape to the Chateau duo. However, due to the current circumstances, they explained that they will be doing the filming themselves at the Chateau.

‘We’re going to film it here [The Chateau]’ explains Dick. ‘We’re going to film what we’re doing, they can film what they’re doing.’

Many shows news programmes have taken a similar filming approach. On the BBC, news reporters speaking from their living room using video phones and digital camera’s have become a familiar sight.

Escape to the chateau make do and mend

Image credit: Kindling Media Ltd

While the filming might prove tricky, Angel and Dick say that their main aim is that ‘at the end of the day people will learn something.’

Speaking about there events business at The Chateau, Angel and Dick explained that even their dream home was feeling the impact of the pandemic.

‘We started the process last week of moving all our events for the next few months. And that has been a very hard process,’ explains Angel

‘When you have a wedding that people have been planning for two years, the whole idea of them not being able to have the wedding is really difficult for them,’ adds Dick. ‘And trying to say what can we do? We can postpone or can we reschedule. But we don’t know when things are going to get back to normal. Nobody knows.’

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The release date of the newly commissioned show has not been confirmed. But we’ll keep you in the loop with everything we know.

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