Health expert reveals 5 things we're most likely to neglect during lockdown – and how to avoid them!

While in lockdown we’re all having to develop new routines, to cope with the change to our everyday lives. But what if that means some of our best daily practices are being neglected, when in fact they are key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Steve Ahern, PT for Musclefood’s diet and fitness programme Do The Unthinkable, reveals the top five habits households are most likely to neglect.

From drinking enough water to maintaining a good posture, while working from our makeshift desks.

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Here’s what we should be most mindful off while we’re at home living our lockdown lives…

1.Water – watch your intake

better general wellness during lockdown by drinking more water

Image credit: Mark Scott

We’re probably all guilty of this. Somehow in an office environment it’s easier to remember to drink water. Steve says, ‘It’s very easy to fall into the habit of drinking hot drinks, whether these be tea or coffee. However, you shouldn’t forget how important water is.’

His suggestion, ‘try to keep a big water bottle near you, as you would in your normal day at work. This is a great way to help measure exactly how much you’re drinking and to keep yourself on track.’

2. Sleep – ensure you’re getting plenty

better general wellness during lockdown with plenty of sleep

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

‘As routines have been turned upside down, many people won’t be keeping to their normal sleeping routine. Try and keep to your usual sleep pattern as much as possible as this will help keep to a routine which in turn will help with productivity and mindset.’

He goes on to expertly add, ‘sleep is important – as it’s where your body rehabilitates itself and puts the brain in order, so it’s important to try and get at least eight hours a night.’

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3. Posture – check it’s correct

better general wellness during lockdown by perfecting posture

Image credit: Tim Young

As we work from home there’s the temptation to work from the sofa or bed. Or even hunched over a desk which is too short for us. All or not ideal solutions. Steve advises us on how to combat the bad side effectives of all of these.

He suggests, ‘find some time each day to stretch and open up the lungs which will help with posture. Also try and think about how you’re sitting, your back should be straight with your shoulder back, you shouldn’t feel as if you’re bending over at any point.’

4. Communications – maintain close connections

better general wellness during lockdown close communications

Image credit: Trevor Richards

As we currently are only allowed to see the people we live with it’s important, now more than ever, to spend time talking to friends and family.

‘This will give you contact with the outside world that we’re all craving. Video calling and texting as much as possible will keep the connections alive, and means that no one is left alone during this period.’ This is for the benefit of our mental health and wellness.

5. Brain – keep it active

better general wellness during lockdown by keeping the brain active

Image credit: Cece Wilden

It’s never been more important to keep our brains active and stimulated, as much as possible. Rather than spending our extra time in front of the TV Steve has a better idea. He suggests, ‘consider picking up a book, or even learning a new language, to ensure you’re using different parts of your brain. Taking time away from screens will also help your general wellbeing.’

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Stay home, but stay happy in the process.

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