How to throw a VE Day street party in style – and safely – during lockdown

We may still be in lockdown, but we still want to embrace VE Day celebrations accordingly. Throwing a street party can allow you to feel close to your neighbours, at a safe social distance.

We have all the street party ideas you need to celebrate the day in style – this Friday 8th May.

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From bunting ideas to communal music, it’s all here to help mark the day – joining neighbours in a nationwide ‘stay at home’ street party.

1. Put on a spread

Image credit: Chris Alack

If space allows, put a trestle-style table out – dressed with party essentials, from sausage rolls and cupcakes galore for the family to tuck into.

Better still make the tasty treats homemade, turning it into fun party prep for all.

2. Pack a picnic


Image credit: Myles New

Many are taking part in an online picnic itinerary that suggest we head outside with our picnics after the Churchill speech shown on BBC at 3p.m. Cake and scones are served at 4p.m, followed by dinner and drinks to toast at 6p.m.

For the long-staying revellers there’s a nationwide singalong to ‘We’ll Meet Again’ with the Royal British Legion, after the Queen’s address.

3. Unite with bunting

street party ideas with bunting

Image credit: Tamara Kelly

Hang bunting between the houses on your street to feel a sense of solidarity. We’ve seen that in many parts of the country, the bunting is already in place to make the streets feel alive with colour.

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4. Jazz up your seating arrangements

street party chair ideas

Image credit: Simon Scarboro

If you don’t have the space, or perhaps don’t even have a table, all you really need is your chair. Whether its one from inside or a garden chair, you just need somewhere comfy to sit for the afternoon. Make it feel more party ready by decorating it, with colourful ribbons and even freshly picked flowers.

5. Decorate with balloons

streety party ideas with balloons

Image credit: Daniel Halpin

Team your bunting with balloons. Grouping several together forms a more impactful cluster, meaning they add more of a statement when united. A rather nice sentiment for VE Day decorations.

6. Set the scene with music

street party ideas with music

Image credit: Oliver Gordon

It’s not really a party until the music is playing. Be respectful with the volume, as there may be those on your street who are not joining the festivities. But a little background music can make all the difference to create a party vibe. Simply take your wireless speakers or radio outside and pick an uplifting playlist.

7. Use treasured tableware

Image credit: Charlotte Tolhurst

Dust off the cake stand, because nothing says fancy afternoon tea quite like this tableware accessory. That goes for all your other ‘best’ pieces for serving party food, such as platters etc.

Whether you’re serving cake or scones, make it fancy – it’s a party after all.

8. Carry drinks out

street party ideas for drinks

Image credit: Chris Alack

Take your cooled drinks outside in a handy carrier. Mini bottles paired with colourful paper straws helps to make drinks feel more ‘special’, whatever you choose to drink.

9. Play garden games

garden games

Image credit: Jon Day

Move the traditional garden games to the front garden. Although your neighbours can’t join in, they can be spectators – especially thoughtful for those living alone. This is the ideal way to keep the kids more engaged with the festivities.

10. Prepare a cheeseboard

Image credit: Charlotte Tolhurst

What celebratory day is complete without a cheeseboard? You could use a piece of slate and write the names of the cheeses in chalk beside them, so everyone knows what they’re eating.

11. Fly the flag

Image credit: Bridget Pierson

It’s the perfect a day to celebrate all things British, and Union Jack bunting is the epitome of VE Day decorations.

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If it’s too late to buy online, follow our guide to making bunting, above. It doesn’t matter how professional your bunting looks – sometimes a homemade look means more.

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