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from my own brain
– I know there are other blogs out there with this on it. But I did just think of it myself one morning since I knew there wasn’t a McD’s or BK even close to my house. 🙂 And yes, I promise there is an egg in that picture. The cheese is just melted over it.

And, I know we’re trying to add lo-fat, lo-cal recipes. But I have to add this one. It’s so yummy!

English Muffins
American Cheese slices
Bacon slices or ham
Syrup (optional)

These are easy, but so yummy. Toast the english muffin. Cook the egg to your liking. My husband likes his fried (and with a runny yolk), but I like it scrambled and patted down into a flat egg (like you get at the restaurant). Place on english muffin bottom. Add cheese slice while egg is still warm so it can slightly melt. Place ham or bacon on top and put english muffin on top. We use the precooked bacon and do 1 slice of bacon (cut into half) per sandwich. For extra yummyness, drizzle a tiny bit of syrup over the top of the ham/bacon, or the egg if you want, before you put on the english muffin top. If we do ham, I either use ham from a dinner we had or if I have it on hand, I use the canadian bacon you get at Sam’s Club (it is in a pkg with lots of presliced Canadian Bacon pieces –they’re a great size). My husband likes to dip his sandwich in ketchup. I like to use a little more syrup. Naughty!, I know. But hey, we don’t have them everyday… it’s okay.

There you have it, you’re own Egg McMuffin sandwich -at home! Not hard, easy to do and you can make as many or as few as you want.

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