The Recipe Blog: Breakfast Wrap

from my own brain… with some help from a fast food place I ate at once
These are great for on the go, for kids, or just for convenience.

Choice of breakfast meat

Cook egg like you would an omelet. I added a tiny bit of salt and some water to help make it fluffy.
I warmed the tortilla up in the microwave for a about 10 seconds to make it more pliable for wrapping. Place cooked egg on tortilla, toward the top so you can fold the bottom up when you wrap it.
Place cheese slice on top immediately after so it can melt. I ended up using two slices because I LOVE cheese!Place choice of meat on top. Make sure it is also warm. I was feeling particularly naughty so I used 3 pieces of bacon. Normally I would use one and break it in half. I think sausage links would also taste great. Or thinly sliced ham.Wrap it all up. I drizzled a little bit of syrup over the top for some sweetness, but that could certainly be left out for less calories.

Variation: For a spicy breakfast treat, Scramble eggs until done. Add cheese, taco meat, and/or salsa. We do salsa on the side usually. Wrap it all up and you’ve got a breakfast burrito.

Lo-fat/Lo-cal tip: All of this could be made to be lo-fat/lo-cal by using a wrap that is lo-fat (like wheat or other natural ones I’ve see in the stores). Or use turkey sausage or turkey bacon. The cheese could be optional but it sure helps. Maybe just put a tiny bit of grated cheese instead of an american cheese slice.

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