The Recipe Blog: Parmesan Chicken

adapted from the Lion House cookbook

I have a couple of recipes for Parmesan Chicken and this one is our family favorite. It’s easy to throw together and it tastes great every time. Also, if I don’t want to make a lot, it is easy to store the remaining crumb mixture in the fridge for another day.

1 cup finely crushed corn flakes (I do this in a ziploc bag with rolling pin)
1/2 cup parmesan cheese (the powdered stuff)
1 pkg dry Ranch dressing mix
4 large chicken breasts, I cut mine in half so they are thinner
Olive Oil

Combine corn flake crumbs, parmesan, and Ranch dressing mix. I prefer to do this on large plate. I find it is easier to coat the chicken that way. Also, if it doesn’t look like there’s enough parmesan, go ahead and sprinkle some more in. A half cup is not a cut and dry measurement. (Note: if you are making this for fewer people, just put part of the mixture you’re not using in a ziploc bag in the fridge to use another day! It stays good for quite awhile.)

Preheat oil in a pan on the stove. Olive oil should not be above medium heat. (If you do it on medium, it should brown perfectly and be slow cooked to tender perfection!) Dip chicken in milk and then coat well with crumb mixture. Put in pan and brown well on each side. Depending on time and desire, you can either cook these half way and finish in the oven (at 375 for 25 minutes) or you can cook them fully on the stove. I kind of like it on the stovetop because they stay crisp. My family also prefers to serve them over the noodles and sauce rather than pouring the sauce over the chicken and baking it. We just use whatever sauce and noodles we have on hand. We’re not gourmet when it comes to that kind of stuff. :)

Serve with desired vegetable and, of course, breadsticks. I’ll be posting the recipe for the breadsticks soon. They’re so delectable and fluffy. You’ll be reaching for more, I promise.

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