The Recipe Blog: Teriyaki Rice Bowls

One night my husband and I wanted something different for dinner. I suggested teriyaki. He suggested steak and this is what we came up with. He did a great job cooking the meat. I think it might be his job from now on! 😉 I’ll stick with the rice on this one. It’s hard to screw up rice!

This teriyaki sauce is so versatile. We use it for chicken. We use it for beef. But one night I wanted a rice bowl. It hadn’t crossed my mind to use it for the beef for that! It was super simple and way yummy! And it could just have easily had chicken if you’re not a beef person.

Teriyaki Sauce (click for recipe)

2 lbs steak cut up into pieces

Veggies (we did just carrots this time but next time we’ll do carrots, broccoli, onions, peppers, asparagus, and snow peas)

Long Grain Rice

Cook steak in a small enough pan so that the juices don’t cook out. Add veggies and allow them to get soft and cooked in the meat juices. Add teriyaki sauce and cook until sauce is about half cooked out (gone into the steak and veggies).

Cook rice as desired. Serve over rice and enjoy!

Note: You can marinate the meat in half of the sauce (reserving the other half for when you cook it). For me, it worked to just cook it all in the pan together. But if you want a more subdued teriyaki flavor, marinate it, taste the meat when it is cooked and decide if you want to add the remaining reserved sauce. Don’t worry, the sauce keeps well in the fridge for awhile.

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