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foreign cuisine
foreign cuisine is cuisine originating from outside Indonesia because we live in Indonesia. There are many and many kinds of foreign dishes. Usually only a few dishes from abroad are famous in Indonesia, usually fast food or commonly known as fast food. Other foreign cuisine at least only a little and not too famous in Indonesia.
Cuisine from abroad:
foreign-cuisine10. Lebanese Cuisine
Lebanese cuisine presents you all the goodness … of the Middle East. Foods usually from the Mediterranean, rich in vegetables, small meats, and rich in seasonings. Perhaps the most famous in all the world is the appetizer, mezze, which is a mixture of dip, pickles, salads, and pieces of Arabic bread. This food also contains lots of fruits, fresh fish, seafood, and a little animal fat. This country is also famous for its Arabic sweets; Tripoli is often referred to as “Sweet Capital” from Lebanon.

9. Greek Cuisine
With the strong influence of Turkish and Italian cuisine, Greek cuisine focuses around olive oil, vegetables and herbs that are specific to the Mediterranean region.

8. Spanish Cuisine
Spanish cuisine contains a lot of varied meat and fish, as well as vegetables. Spanish cuisine is also influenced by the seafood available from the seas that surround Spain. This cuisine also uses the most oil compared to Western and Central European cuisines. One of the famous drinks in Spain that is very delicious served with national dishes is sangria, a drink made from wine and fruit.

7. Japanese Cuisine
Famous for its good taste and quality ingredients, Japanese cuisine is fast becoming a worldwide trend. White rice and soybeans are food ingredients found in almost all dishes. According to the Micheline Guide which ranks cities in the world for its restaurants, Tokyo is the most delicious city, with 150 restaurants ranked top. His opponents are Paris and London which have 148 restaurants.

6. Mexican Cuisine
Famous for its varied and spicy taste, Mexican cuisine is the result of cross-marriages between Spanish culture and the Aztecs. Most of today's Mexican food is a mixture of ancient, Aztec, Mayan and Spanish traditions. French culture also takes part, by adding grilled foods such as sweet bread and bolillo. There are also exotic foods in Mexico, such as iguanas, insects, poisonous snakes, or deer.

5. Thai Cuisine
Many people say that Thai food, with a balanced mixture of heat, sour, bitter and sweet, is a sufficient reason to visit the country. Its food is characterized by the use of fresh herbs and spices, such as lime juice, lemon grass, and fresh coriander. Similar to other Asian foods, rice is a major component in Thai food. You will often find nam pla, fish sauce mixed with shrimp paste, and noodles. There is also raw beef, fermented fish paste or fried insect larvae, which are mostly found in the northeastern part, where eating insects is very common.

4. Indian Cuisine
Indian food served in world class restaurants is food from North India, also known as Mughlai or Punjabi. There are 3 other categories of Indian cuisine: South, East and West. The foods are usually vegetarian, but many include lamb, goat, chicken or fish. Indian cuisine is usually very spicy.

3. Chinese Cuisine
Chinese cuisine is now enjoyed by a third of the world's population every day. The dishes are easy to make, cheap and delicious. Much of the food is prepared with bite-sized pieces, because Chinese culture is famous for knives and forks as weapons. Usually everyone at the table is given a bowl of rice, and other dishes are shared with everyone at the table. Some dishes are cooked using rare species, such as facai moss, while others are made from animal flesh that you might avoid, such as dogs.

2. Italian Cuisine
Italian cuisine is perhaps one of the oldest dishes in the world, which can be traced back to the 4th century BC. Italian food consists of several sections: antipasto (appetizer), primo (pasta or rice dishes), secondo (meat), and dolce (cover). Italy is also famous for more than 400 types of cheese, including the famous Parmigianino Reggiano, and 300 types of sausages.

1. French Cuisine
Starting from the Middle Ages which brought many meals to the French Revolution, where improved techniques were used, French cuisine can be described as “haute cooking (high cooking” in the 21st century). Cakes are the largest part of French cuisine, cheese and wine are also a major part of cuisine, perhaps the most famous of all, in Paris, there are more than 5,000 places to eat, with prices and menus to suit everyone's tastes.

foreign cuisine

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