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chilli cooking
Lombok food is a cuisine originating from the southeastern Nusa Tenggara region. Lombok is not only famous for its beautiful charming beaches, but also has culinary tours that can shake the tongue of culinary tasters. Lombok cuisine originating from the Nusa Tenggara Barrat region has dishes that taste spicy. Here are 10 dishes that come from Lombok NTB:

chilli food1. Plecing Kale
This food consists of boiled water spinach plus tomato sauce made from a mixture of cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste and tomato. What makes it delicious is the typical kale Lombok which is different from those used to grow on the island of Java. Oh yes, in plecing kale usually added bean sprouts and fried beans to neutralize the spicy taste. You can find plecing kale in almost all restaurants. One of the most famous is the Rumah Makan Dua-EM brothers that are on Jalan Transmigration 99 Mataram.

2. Taliwang Chicken
Taliwang chicken is one of the most popular foods in Lombok. Taliwang chicken is usually cooked with several choices namely fried, grilled or grilled. It would be better if you use native chicken with young chicken age. The delicacy of Taliwang chicken is also located in the super spicy seasoning. Well, if you want to feel the delicacy of Taliwang chicken, come to Taliwang Irama Roasted Chicken Restaurant located in Cakranegara area. Good luck! Read more

3. Satay Bulayak
Bulayak satay is not only delicious but also the way to eat is unique. Bulayak is a type of rice cake wrapped in palm leaves or palm leaves with elongated shape like a spiral, so to open it must be in a circular motion. While the satay is made from beef covered with special Sasak spices. How to eat it by dipping the bulayak into the satay seasoning that has been provided. Yes, the satay trader does not provide forks and spoons as our dining partners. Bulayak satay sellers are found in several tourist attractions such as the Lingsar Temple page, Narmada Park and Suranadi Park. Read more

4. Pucung Racing Rice
Pucung racing rice is an addictive food. Yes, although the appearance of the pucung stale racing menu is not too special but its spicy taste really makes you want again and again. This rice contains shredded chicken meat which is processed with chili, soybeans, dried taburang shrimp, shredded and fried eel. In Lombok, the most famous one is Inaq Esun pucung racing rice which is located in Puyung Village, Central Lombok. The other two branches are located in Senggigi Plaza, West Lombok and Srwijaya Street, Mataram. Read more

5. Ares
Ares is a typical Lombok vegetable whose main ingredients come from banana fronds or young banana gedebok. The taste of dishes that use coconut milk is quite unique namely sweet and savory. Initially a traditional Sasak food and served at weddings, it became popular as a Lombok specialty. Ares is more delicious if eaten while still warm with a plate of white rice. Great.

chilli cooking

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