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inangkabau cuisine
West Sumatra cuisine is a type of culinary that develops in the province of West Sumatra. West Sumatra culinary product is one that is widely known in Indonesia and is also called the Minangkabau Cuisine which was introduced by the Minangkabau nomads from various regions in West Sumatra. There are many recipes and variations of West Sumatra cuisine by region, city or district, including Bukittinggi, Padang, Padang Panjang, Payakumbuh, Solok, Batusangkar, Agam, Dharmasraya and so on. Although the variety of Minangkabau cuisine does not only originate from the city of Padang, West Sumatra cuisine has already been known to ordinary people as Padang cuisine. West Sumatra cuisine is known to use coconut milk and meat, has a spicy taste from the use of herbs and spices.

Minang cooking1. Padeh Acid
Asam Padeh is a sour and spicy flavored dish. The seasoning commonly uses tamarind, chili and various other seasoning concoctions. The main ingredients usually use various types of fish such as tuna, snapper, or tuna.

2. Rendang
Rendang is a traditional cuisine with coconut milk as the main ingredient. Typical cuisine from West Sumatra, Indonesia is very popular in all circles of society both in Indonesia itself or abroad. In addition to beef, rendang also uses coconut (carambia), and a mixture of various Indonesian special spices including chili (lado), galangal, lemongrass, onions and various other seasonings which are usually referred to as (Cookers). Rendang has a respectable position in the culture of the Minangkabau people. Rendang has its own philosophy for the Minang people of West Sumatra namely deliberation, which departs from 4 basic ingredients, namely:
Dagiang (Beef), is a symbol of Niniak Mamak (leaders of the Karambia tribe) (Coconut), is a symbol of Cadiak Pandai (Intellectuals) Lado (Chili), is a symbol of the spicy Alim Ulama, firmly to teach the sharak (religion) of the Supplier Cookers (Seasoning), is a symbol of the entire Minang community

3. Pop Chicken
Pop Chicken is a typical food of West Sumatra which uses the main ingredients of chicken, coconut water and coconut milk. In addition to these ingredients, pop chicken uses garlic, jaeh and salt seasonings. The method for processing chicken pop is to smear the chicken with lime and spices, then put it in coconut milk and coconut water that has been heated. Pop chicken is usually served with red chili and sweet potato shoots.

4. Lado Green Lado
Itiak Lado Hijau, also known as Itiak Lado Mudo, is a young duck meat curry covered in chopped green chillies. I was so many servings of chili, as if we see the young duck meat “soaking” in chili. Itiak Lado Hijau is a traditional cuisine from Koto Gadang, Agam Regency. The cool weather of Bukittinggi makes Itiak Lado Hijau a food that can warm the body besides its delicious taste.

5. Jerky
Jerky is meat that is cut thin into flakes whose fat is trimmed, seasoned with sour, salty or sweet sauce with dried over low heat or marinated and dried. The result is salty and semi-sweet meat that does not need to be refrigerated. Jerky is an example of preserved food. In West Sumatra, the beef jerky processor is divided into two, one is dried beef jerky and one is wet beef jerky. Dry beef jerky is usually processed again using red chili, we know as Balado beef jerky. Whereas wet beef jerky is usually used as an ingredient for making the very famous Batokok beef jerky cuisine.

inangkabau cuisine

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