Living room design 2019: Trends and interesting ideas for stylish design

Living room is the main room in the house. A special attention has been given to its design. Internet journal «Home design» offers you to find out what should the fashionable living room design 2019 be. So, let’s discover the stylish and modern living room design ideas 2019.

Living room design 2019: Eco design vs minimalist living room design

The main trend of the year: Eclectic living room design 2019

In 2019 eclecticism will take leading positions in the field of interior design. This means that you will have the opportunity to use the most attractive features of different styles in your living room trends 2019.

Living room design 2019: Eclectic living room design

Note! Living room design 2019 in eclectic style will get you the desirable results, only when you combine furniture and decor items of different colors and designs. Otherwise, your house will turn into something like a furniture show-room.

Note, that all the selected items should be matched with colors. In addition, if you decide to choose furniture in different styles, then decorations on the walls, floor and ceiling should be very simple and in light, neutral shades. For instance, you can choose standard painting or high-quality plastering surfaces.

Living room design 2019: Eclectic living room design idea

Minimalistic living room 2019

It’s a fact that many people continue to live in small flats. In case you have a small flat, then minimalistic living room 2019 will be an excellent choice for you.

By the way, an open layout of flats continues to be trendy this year.

So, if you are an owner of a small flat, then feel free to turn it into a studio. In case you want to get more actual minimalistic living room decor 2019, use trendy fiberglass wallpapers. The advantage of these wallpapers is that you can change the color for several times. That means that you can change the interior of your house spending just a couple of cans of paint.

Living room design 2019: Minimalist living room

Living room 2019 will not only be attractive, but also more comfortable, if you use furniture-transformers, as well as multi-functional living room decor 2019.

Note! minimalism requires the use of an extremely restrained palette of colors. Living room design 2019 offers you to paint the walls of your living room 2019 in aquamarine color. Different shades of emerald will also be appropriate.

Provided you have a spacious living room, we offer you a solution in the form of wooden walls and floor. They are pasted with panels from solid wood or veneer of light, in warm shades. In this case, walls smoothly change into racks.

In contrast with such kind of design you can apply a snow-white floor decorated with ceramic tiles or natural stones. So, living room design 2019 will become more alive, if you decorate it with indoor plants, placing them on the shelves. Avoid using too many plants.

Living room design 2019: Minimalist living room idea

Eco living room design ideas 2019

It has been more than a decade since the Eco style has appeared in the field of interior design. However, it continues to be relevant. Moreover, only those who are really concerned with the environmental issues choose this kind of interior design.

So, today Eco living room trends 2019 is something fashionable and prestigious. This style is preferable for many celebrities and people with progressive views. Living room design 2019: Eco living room design

Designers offer to turn the houses into mini-greenhouses. The walls of living rooms, completely covered with ivy or other climbing plants, will give a splendid look to your living room 2019. It is a fact that live wallpapers look much more beautiful than even the most expensive wallpapers.

By the way, if earlier Eco interior offered to cover the walls with natural wood, now living room design 2019 will surprise you with a mixture of natural stones of various types and colors.

Scandinavian interior

White or combinations of blue with white continues to be one of the trendiest solutions for living room design 2019. Such colors are more characteristic for Scandinavian style. Living rooms with knitted wallpapers will look unusual. Living room design 2019: Scandinavian living room design

As a unique addition to such decoration of one of the walls, we recommend you to use ceiling chandeliers made of many knitting needles. At the same time, furniture should be extremely minimalistic and with a slight touch of vintage. Particularly, you can use furniture that is typical of the 60’s.

So feel free to ask for advice from your relatives. Maybe they have low coffee tables, which can be easily restored. Living room design 2019 offers you to decorate it in loft style.

Spacious living room 2019 in loft style

Your order to design such kind of a living room will be a real gift and a great experience for any designer. As in such kind of spacious rooms you can make any vision come true. Living room 2019 in loft style will look original and attractive.

Such kind of trendy design will look magnificent if it is created in a brick building. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Textured wallpapers portraying bricks under layers of loose plaster will help in such cases.

Living room design 2019: Loft living room design

An obligatory element of loft living room 2019 should be a large sofa. It can be studded with leather or suede. You can apply various design pieces of furniture. You can make them from parts of various equipment. For instance, it would be unusual to look at a coffee table with a base made from a large fan in an aluminum case with a glass top.

By the way, many companies offer laminate in loft style with a pattern imitating an old board.

Thanks to this kind of interior design, living room 2019 will look as elegant as possible.

High-tech living room design ideas 2019

Living room 2019 can also be decorated in high-tech style. Creating such kind of interior in the new season an increased attention should be paid to the light effects. We can say for sure that it plays the leading role. Especially, you should take this fact into consideration, if you have a studio or a kitchen combined with a living room.

Designers recommend creating an unusual light effect for a bar that separates the work space area from the rest. In addition, these two zones can be divided by using lamps of different colors.

Living room design 2019: High-tech living room design

The basic trend of this season  is a metallic rack ceiling with many built-in lights. It will look perfect if you combine the simplest wall decoration and glossy ceramic tiles. What refers to furniture, glass furniture is an ideal choice. For instance, a living room table made out of glass looks weightless, and with its help the living room 2019 won’t look cluttered.

Neoclassicism in living room trends 2019

Those who believe that a home should reflect the high social status of its owner, will appreciate the neoclassical style as a good choice in 2019. In the new season, the use of grey wallpaper 2019 with floral ornaments and furniture mixed with unusual fabrics is important.

You can choose a mosaic floor with a pattern in form of a carpet. Decorate the interior of your living room with luxurious crystal chandeliers.

Living room design 2019: Neoclassic living room design

Note! We are not talking about ceiling lamps that you may have inherited from your grandmother. So, they should be fashionable chandeliers, even crystal chandeliers will suit your interior design.

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