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Meet Blueprint Lighting – A relatively young lighting company founded by chief luminary Kelly Aaron. This incredible company was created as the need for Kelly’s mid-century vintage pieces grew. She figured out how to meet the demand by creating her own light fixtures inspired by mid-century pieces. I love hearing about female-founded creative companies and I can’t wait to share more about Blueprint Luminary.

This incredible light company creates light fixtures few could dream up on their own. From ceiling fixtures to wall lamps/sconces and pendants/flush mounts Blueprint Luminary has a solution for all of your lighting needs. I have been eyeing the brand since pretty much the beginning. The range of styles is incredible and the designs themselves are unbeatable. They are modern, unique, and infinitely chic. The best part? They can create custom pieces with only a 3 week lead time. Kelly noticed there was a white space in the market for custom lighting with fast turnaround times and they were used to helping clients with rush orders – it was the perfect solution.

How do you manage to work with such short lead times? 

“We have a team of little elves that work through the night, of course!  In reality, we keep tons of our custom made, spun metal shades on hand, along with stock of our 36 in-house enamels so that we can get pieces into production as soon as we take the order. Fully custom projects take longer, naturally, but anything you see on our website can be fabricated in a few weeks!”

What’s it like working with your son?

I was turning 21 when my oldest child, Zoe, was born, so in a sense, we grew up together. Consequently, he has always been one of my greatest teachers. It’s nice to have him in the office with my every day–I get to know him in a completely new light. And I have had a fantastic time teaching him to be a salesperson; giving him tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. Our company is based on personal relationships with our clients and he is brilliant with his customers. I love getting compliments from his customers–they have NO idea I am his mother when they tell me what a “nice young man” he is! LOVE IT!

What is your favorite design currently available on your site?

“Counterbalance is by far my favorite ceiling fixture and consistently a best seller for us. The list of designers that have placed Counterbalance in projects reads like the AD100! 

Our new 3 piece capsule line, TULLE, is my favorite for wall-mounted fixtures–the line is my design nod to Mathieu Mategot. Back in the late 1990s, my fascination with Mategot, who was still a relatively under-sung mid-century designer, took root. I long toyed with the idea of paying homage to Mategot’s innovative “Rigitulle” material, bringing his ideas and aesthetic into the 21st century and breathing new life into his signature medium, and I think we’ve done it!”

Have you always had an interest in interiors + lighting? How has it evolved over the years?

“I opened my first midcentury modern design store, Orbit, in 1999 in the progressive little hamlet of Asheville, NC. I became a respected young voice in mid-century design, studio pottery and modern craft; guest-curating museum exhibitions, contributing to arts texts and giving gallery talks. I was approaching design from an academic standpoint and only buying and selling pieces based on their provenance; if it wasn’t made by a well-known designer/maker, I wanted nothing to do with it. Over the years, my view shifted, I matured a bit, and I began seeing objects in a more aesthetic light. Had it not been for that personal evolution, this company would have never been born.”

What’s something you wish the world knew about Blueprint Lighting?

“The answer is always “YES”!! We rarely say no to anything our clients dream up. And also, we are just really fun to work with!”

All Images Via Blueprint Luminary

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