Leave your home sparkling with Lynsey Queen of Cleans top Spring cleaning tips

Spring is just on the horizon, and for many people that means one thing – spring cleaning.

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However, new research by storage providers Space Station has revealed that the annual spring clean has fallen out of favour with many homes. Over half of Brits admitted to never ‘spring cleaning’ their homes.

Instead, roughly one-third of those questioned said that they instead opted to clean in a more ad hoc manner throughout the year.

spring cleaning

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There are pros and cons to both the little and often cleaning method and the less frequent big spring clean approach. However, a happy medium lies somewhere in the middle, a combination of the two, at least according to cleaning guru Lynsey Crombie.

Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’ Crombie a fan of the 5-minute challenge daily clean, is also a huge advocate for a good yearly spring clean.

‘Over the winter months we spend more time at home, so our homes take a lot more wear and tear,’ explains Lynsey. ‘Having a yearly or twice yearly spring clean will save you time in the long run, you will be more organised and productive from living in a clean and tidy space and you will be motivated to keep it like this.’

Spring cleaning tips

If you are planning on indulging in a big spring clean this year, here are a few of Lynsey’s top tips:

1. Turn off your phone

Keep distractions to a minimum by putting your phone on aeroplane mode.

2. A good playlist is key

Keep yourself motivated by creating a fun and upbeat playlist for while you clean.

3. Work your way down

That means in the house and in each room. Start on the top floor of the house and work your way to the ground floor. In each room take care to dust cobwebs and cupboards before hoovering or mopping.

4. Open all the windows

Give your home a proper airing by opening all the windows and outside doors.

5.Clean out the vacuum

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Prevent any potential pitfalls by making sure the vacuum is clean and empty before you start.

6. Be ruthless

Spring cleaning is the perfect time for a clear out. If you know you don’t use it, chuck it.

7. Plan a regular cleaning schedule

A big spring clean is a great idea, but you still need to keep on top of your regular cleaning.

Lynsey suggests creating a cleaning plan that you can stick to. For example, plan to clean the floors on Monday and the bathroom on Tuesday.

You can find more of Lynsey’s cleaning tips in her book How To Clean Your House: Easy tips and Tricks to keep your home clean and tidy up your life, currently available for £7.54 on Amazon.

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Will you be following Lynsey’s spring cleaning tips?

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