Running Body Positivity Turns Out It's Not Easy

Many people, especially women often feel dissatisfied with their body shape. Moreover, the existence of social media also increasingly makes someone often compare his body with other people's bodies. Thus, a movement called names was intensified body positivity which emphasizes the importance of loving and feeling comfortable with one's own body. However, in fact not everyone can run body positivity easily.

Impact body positivity to one's body image

Body positivity itself refers to the statement that all people have the right to have a positive body image, regardless of how other people see their body. The purpose is build self confidence someone with his body and makes people stop being too dependent on physical form standards that are sometimes unrealistic.

On the other hand, there are also negative body image which is interpreted as a dissatisfaction with one's appearance. This negative body image occurs a lot in women compared to men. According toa study, there are about 60% of adult women who claim to dislike their body shape.

This negative image can appear since childhood and is often triggered by the comments of the closest people. Can be of nickname friends at school as a kid like “the head of the box” or “si cungkring“, It could also be from questions like” How come you are not skinny? ” which is often leveled by relatives and family themselves.

Judgments from other people carry over into adulthood. Coupled with the presence of media that affects the public's view that beauty must be white and slim. Many women who do not meet these criteria lose confidence and find themselves unattractive.

Fortunately, lately many have begun to realize that a particular body shape is not a measure to determine whether a person is beautiful or not. The movement of loving and accepting one's own body shape body positivity also more and more campaigned by public figures in their social media accounts.

One trademark of lingerie from the United States also supports this movement by using a model that has a variety of body shapes in the photos of its ad campaign without editing

This invited positive reactions from women. Movement body positivity the ad has helped many women feel happier and not give a negative evaluation of their own body. They are also inspired by the confidence that emanates from these models.

In fact, applying body positivity not easy

depression due to broken heart

Indeed, body positivity has a good message to make people feel comfortable with their bodies. But in fact, the effort to love yourself also needs a process. None of the other motivational advertisements or campaigns can directly change the way a person views his own body.

Sometimes, body positivity can lead to opposite results with the expected effect. Instead of having a positive image of the body, some people even wonder whether their body curves are beautiful enough or whether their bodies are too thin when compared to others.

Everyone has their own preferences about the ideal body. Some prefer to have a slim body, some others prefer to have a full body.

Even when the people around him have been convinced that there is nothing wrong with his body, feeling dissatisfied because they have not reached their dream target will still make someone dislike their body shape.

There are also some people who despite their best efforts, they still cannot feel positive about aspects of their body. They think that if they can't love and feel comfortable with their bodies, then something is wrong. Eventually, they force positive thoughts that they don't even believe in.

In fact, when someone forces things they don't believe in, the subconscious mind will refuse. Lying to feelings can make them even more hate themselves.

In addition, the tendency to highlight more people who are larger is a mistake that often occurs in campaigns body positivity.

Often people forget that the main message that is trying to be conveyed from this movement is to feel comfortable with your own body shape no matter what the circumstances.

No need to rush, everything requires a process

in order to live happily

For some people, try to apply body positivity very difficult, sometimes this way also does not help them feel better. Especially in people who have chronic disease or eating disorders, feeling comfortable and fine with your body shape is almost impossible.

However, there are times when your ignorance of your own body image is the best way to make you feel happier.

Not caring about body image does not mean that you do absolutely nothing. Efforts to live a healthy life such as sports and eating nutritious foods also need to be done. The difference is, do it with the aim to maintain health and improve the ability of the body. Not to achieve the ideal body target you want.

Humans are always faced with good and bad choices, many people are caught between wanting to love or hate their own bodies. In fact, it does not provide positive or energy negative on the body might get you feel calmer.

Being neutral can also be the best way you can do. How your body shape and appearance do not portray your true self. The most important thing is to enjoy life while making room for yourself to continue developing in all aspects of life. From there slowly you will also make room to give love to yourself.

It's okay if all the efforts you have made to love your own body shape don't work either. There are days when you feel yourself in a very good condition, there are also days when you wake up feeling inferior. There is nothing wrong with both, it's all natural and has been experienced by almost everyone.

Sometimes body positivity can be a long and difficult journey. Everyone also has a different process. Remember that the most important thing of all is how you enjoy the process.

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