4 Reasons People Fear Failure When Doing Something

Many people say failure is a very normal thing to happen to achieve success. However, there are still many people who feel afraid of failure when doing something important. What are the reasons behind people being afraid of failure?

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Various reasons people are afraid of failure when doing something

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Everyone does not like failure. Dislike can turn into fear that can hinder someone's success.

Fear is a human and natural feeling that happens to anyone. However, these emotions make you try to avoid dangerous situations, so people tend not to try as much as they can and doubt themselves.

Here are some reasons why people feel afraid to fail. This aims to be able to recognize whether some of the causes below are experienced by you and reduce that fear.

1. Reasons for fear of failure due to childhood trauma

One of the reasons why people fear failure can actually stem from childhood trauma. As reported from the page Cornerstone University, a parent or adult around you as a child who is critical enough can damage a child's mindset about failure.

For example, a parent or adult who is very critical of each child's actions will develop a fear of failure into adulthood in their children.

Whether it's often berated children when not following the rules that apply in school or just doing the assignment without seeing the instructions given even if the results are correct.

As a result, such childhood experiences often form children who need permission to do something. This is because they think every behavior requires parental approval so that it is not considered a failure and this is carried over into adulthood.

2. Has a perfectionist nature

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In addition to experiences formed from childhood, the reason people feel afraid to fail is because they have properties perfectionist.

People who have a perfectionist nature usually hope that everything runs perfectly both from others and themselves. This is because they tend to have fairly high standards on the results of a job.

The nature of perfectionism is actually often found in hard workers. However, this kind of behavior can be toxic if you feel stressed and anxious when the expected results are not as imagined.

Therefore, perfectionism is very afraid to feel like a failure, so when doing a job it may be more often in the comfort zone to feel perfect.

As a result, it is not uncommon to lose this opportunity to learn more and grow from mistakes and failures.

3. Having an unhealthy relationship

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People who have unhealthy relationships can actually be a reason why they have a fear of failure.

Unhealthy relationships can come from anyone, whether parents or spouses. However, this fear tends to arise from the relationship between children and parents.

Childhood is not uncommon to have views on failure as poor, helpless, unpopular, and not physically attractive.

In fact, television shows about unattractive people are more often shown as people who are ridiculed and intimidated.

The definition of failure ultimately creates a culture of fear and avoids failure. Indirectly, children think that when they fail, they will be ostracized by their peers and deemed useless for life.

That view too made worse by parents who have an opinion that bad grades mean that they will not be loved by their parents. As a result, children feel failure is a threat in their personal and social lives.

4. Not confident

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Finally, not confident also be one of the reasons why people feel afraid to fail when doing something.

People who have confidence usually know that something they do will not always succeed. However, people who have low self-confidence tend to avoid things, play it safe, and don't want to try anything new.

However, not all people born unconfident are afraid of failure. Many people who succeed in increasing their self-confidence, but still afraid to fail.

The reason for fear of failure is actually related to self-formation which is influenced by the surrounding environment. Does your environment teach the meaning of failure is delayed success or an error that is not corrected at all.

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