Body Positivity Is the First Step to Loving Yourself, Here's How.

Many people assume that the ideal body standard is a lean body, light colored skin, and smooth without injury. As a result, beauty standards emerge, so that not a few people who feel imperfect when it is not met. Therefore, now there is the principle of body positivity which encourages people to love their own bodies. The principle of body positivity is a new trend that is said to make you more accepting yourself as you are.

Why is running body positivity important and what needs to be done to implement this?

Body positivity is the first step to accepting yourself

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Reporting from Psychology Today, body positivity is a principle that makes people accept the body as it is. Both when the shape, size, and ability of the body change because of nature, age, or personal choice.

This principle usually makes people understand that values ​​for themselves and physical changes are different things. In essence, whatever happens, you are as valuable as other people.

Body positivity also indicates that everyone has the right to get a positive body image even though others see it as imperfect.

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This principle turns out to be quite important because you can appreciate and love yourself more. Body positivity is not limited to women, but also men, children, the elderly, and adults also need to learn to respect themselves.

Thus, body positivity is considered as a 'savior' to be more able to believe in himself. Regardless of how others perceive you or do not meet the ideal standards in society regarding physical form.

Most people who live the principle admit that they are become more confident, How can?

Actually, everything depends on your mindset. If you are not sure about yourself, the contents of the mind may be filled with ugliness towards the body itself, like body shaming from one's own mind.

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As a result of negative thoughts, you do not become confident and afraid of the opinions of others. In fact, it may be that the person does not think as you fear.

Meanwhile, when you have succeeded accept yourself as you are, of course it can increase self-confidence. At least, body positivity is the first step to be more concerned about yourself than what other people say.

Thus, self-confidence does not always depend on physical form, but rather how you are able to foster that feeling.

Body positivity is not always good for everyone

However, body positivity is not always a helper for those who are not confident. Not infrequently this principle is used as a 'shield' for those who are indifferent to their own health.

For example, you suffer obesity because living an unhealthy lifestyle and knowing that this condition needs to be corrected.

In the case of obesity, you certainly should not let this condition continue to occur on your own body for reasons of body positivity. Obesity and body positivity are things that need to be separated.

This is because obesity indicates that the body is in an unhealthy condition. If you continue to let the condition due to body positivity, of course it will only have a negative impact on yourself.

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Differentiate from people who have body curvy or contains, but in health they are still considered ideal and due to genetic factors. This is not a problem and body positivity can be applied under these conditions.

It's not obesity that makes you insecure, but makes it to love yourself by losing weight, exercising regularly, and eat healthy.

However, your health is your responsibility, not someone else's. Maintaining health becomes a form of body positivity because it accepts and does the best for yourself.

How to grow the principle of body positivity?

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One thing to keep in mind in carrying out the principle of body positivity is that you must remain care about the health of the body. This is a sign that you really love yourself and accept physical shortcomings that can be used as strength.

For example, for some people it might be argued that a mole on the face is deficient. In fact, these moles can be a characteristic and sweet complement on your face.

Another example of body positivity is Winnie Harlow, finalist of American Next Top Model this actually makes its weaknesses a strength. He suffered vitiligo, which is skin that loses natural color.

However, because of the principle of body positivity that he adheres to, Winnie is well known and makes her skin color a characteristic.

Well, you can become a Winnie Harlow, by following the steps below.

1. Learn to be yourself

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One way you can do to implement body positivity is by learn to be yourself.

Loving and learning to be yourself turns out to be very important because that way you no longer compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others is endless because you are you and he is a different individual.

Humans do have different types of forms in each person, so that makes them unique. You are not a doll from a factory that looks like the other dolls.

Thus, it is shining in its own way so that life becomes easier and more confident without the need to bother with other people's opinions.

2. Providing support for others

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In addition to learning to be yourself, it turns out that providing support for others is an important aspect in living the principle of body positivity.

After successfully becoming yourself, try not to assume that other people are below you. Should, support other people so they become more confident.

That way, body positivity will increase not only in yourself, but also transmitted to others in a more positive sense.

3. Spread a positive outlook

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The successful application of body positivity to oneself and the closest people also needs to be disseminated through social media. Social media apparently plays a big role in influence body image.

This is because ideal standards and beauty that are spread in the media often become a benchmark, what makes others' handsome 'or' beautiful. As a result, when someone does not fit the existing criteria, certainly not a few people who feel insecure about their physical form.

The use of media in spreading body positivity is quite important and helpful. The media can begin to display models whose body shape, skin color, and physical condition vary. Not only what you want to be adjusted to the existing beauty standards.

Body positivity might be a savior for people who feel their physical form is not in accordance with existing beauty standards. However, don't make this principle a 'shield' from feeling lazy because loving yourself is doing the best for you.

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