Why Can Stage Fever When Performing in Public?

Recently, the Indonesian people were shocked by the moment of the finalist of the Indonesian Princess from West Sumatra, Kalista Iskandar, who failed to recite Pancasila. Many people regretted the mistake, but not a few who defended it and thought he was experiencing stage fright. What is stage fright?

The phenomenon of stage fright that makes ‘forget memory’ for a moment

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The moment when the Indonesian Women's finalist who forgot when reciting Pancasila certainly reaped a lot of criticism from the public. They considered that the stage fright experienced by the finalists at the prestigious event indicated that he was not nationalist.

In fact, did you know when someone is nervous and trying to talk on stage, it is not uncommon for him to lose words that might have been memorized by heart.

Actually, what is stage fright to make someone ‘dementia'For a moment?

Reporting from the American Psychological Association dictionary, stage fright is anxiety and fear of achievement that someone will get when performing. They worry whether what is shown is in line with expectations or not, such as talking, playing a musical instrument, to eating in public.

social anxiety disorder (social phobia)

If the fear associated with anxiety about performance that focuses on criticism from others, feels embarrassed and insulted, this feeling can be categorized as social phobia.

Most of the people apparently often feel anxious and nervous when preparing to talk or perform in front of a large audience. In fact, not a few of them are scared and panicked when they become the center of attention.

Another example is the famous singer in the same class as Adele, who also suffered panic. When she was holding a concert in Amsterdam, Adele admitted she was very scared and finally got out of the emergency door. In fact, in other cities he threw up, but was able to overcome the fear.

type of anxiety disorder

Therefore, fear and panic when going appear in public can happen to anyone. Whether it's small children to adults who may have flown appearances often enough.

As a result, not a few viewers who cover their fears of spouses, close friends, and family because of shame and fear are considered unprofessional.

Symptoms of stage fright

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The symptoms that mark stage fright turn out to be a little different from other phobias. Generally, phobias are rare inhibits one's ability to work.

However, when this sense of panic arises before an appearance or audition, it can actually cause some of the signs below. However, each person has a unique and different reaction.

  • Heart rate, pulse, and breathing accelerate
  • Mouth and throat feel dry
  • Hands, knees, lips and trembling voice
  • Hands sweat cold
  • Feeling nauseous and not feeling well in the stomach
  • Vision changes

Some of the above symptoms do not even appear a few weeks or months before the performance. If you often experience stage fright, when the date of appearance gets closer, the symptoms that appear actually worsen.

nausea, vomiting accompanied by fever

Whether it's experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, irritability, mood swings quickly, up to tremor and heart palpitations. However, the symptoms experienced are not uncommon when the show begins and this often applies to the singer or performer.

This is because most viewers experience euphoria, such as a surge in adrenaline and relieve the symptoms of stage fright when performing.

However, not a few of them admitted that the symptoms were even worse and they did not remember what they wanted to say when they were on the stage.

Causes of stage fright

symptoms of panic attack

Just like fear when speaking in public, stage fright is caused by stress and anxiety is not able to meet people's expectations.

Therefore, you need to deal with these fears and panic feelings accept yourself as you are and there is no need to prove yourself to others.

The thing to remember from anxiety when performing in a public is that no one is perfect and no one hopes so. Then it doesn't matter when you make a mistake.

How to deal with anxiety on stage?

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Many people think their stage fright will affect their appearance. As a result, not a few of those who choose to use certain drugs and alcohol so that the symptoms disappear and they can perform smoothly.

In fact, it can actually cause alcohol and drug dependence, giving rise to new problems.

Actually, there are some steps that are quite simple and effective to overcome this anxiety, such as:

  • always prepare yourself with practice
  • Limit caffeine consumption and sugar and replace it with healthy food
  • not focus too much on what will go wrong, but rather your success
  • avoid the thought of doubting yourself
  • practice breathing technique which can calm down
  • walk for a while, get ready, or do anything to stop the anxiety
  • be natural and be yourself
  • exercise regularly, eat healthy food, and lead a healthy lifestyle
  • make eye contact with the audience to reduce tension

facts about laughter

When you are on the stage and the panic gets worse so it makes you forget for a moment, there are some tricks you can do, which are:

  • focus on the audience's face that looks friendly
  • laugh when the situation is suitable to help you relax more
  • trying to show the best

If stage fright continues to appear even though some of the ways above have been tried, consult this problem with your counselor. At least that way you will get the right treatment and maybe find out the cause of this situation.

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