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Ever faced a situation when there were many friends gathered, but the couple was so quiet and only listened to the conversation? Everyone has different character. Including people who are quiet, they are unique.

Understand that your partner is indeed quiet. However, there are always ways to make the relationship atmosphere warmer even though he is so quiet.

Facing a quiet couple

Quiet, one of many characters introverted. It could be that you can find a variety of introverted characters from your partner. Do not change it, because your partner is so unique and of course only you understand.

A little review of introverts, he is more to someone who is alone and pay attention to the environment. Socializing in a crowded environment is not his favorite thing.

His personality does make you curious, don't you think? Well, if you have a quiet partner, here's how to deal with the him.

1. Keep inviting him to socialize

Maybe many people think a quiet couple is shy. Though reserved people are inclined introverts aren't always shy. Some are quiet when they are in a crowded social environment. Some are more comfortable when they are alone or mingle with small groups.

When it's time alone, try to dig himself again. Who knows there is a part of him that you need to know. He is more enjoying the atmosphere like what environment. Do communication with small groups and in what places.

Understand it and make themselves more comfortable. A quiet person does not mean that he avoids the social environment, but with whom they will talk.

2. Listen to him

Listening is a way to deal with a quiet partner. Although in the outside environment he is quiet, surely your partner also likes the moment of chatting with you.

In a dialogue together, listen to him more. What he faced, how he thought, what he was like in solving problems. You can also ask for his opinion.

If there are different opinions between him and you, keep placing the same portion of speech and listening. Even though your opinion and his are so different and difficult to accept, try you still accept different opinion.

3. Give room for expression

There is an assumption that the quiet less confident and low self-esteem. In fact, not necessarily. Even though many friends or family consider your spouse to be the same, he must have an attractive side that only you and a few people know.

There are times when they are confused about how to express their expression, in a small group or even with you. Keep giving their space for expression. You can lure him by giving him the confidence to appear all-out in expression. This is a good way to deal with a quiet couple.

If you are still shy, try to start from yourself. For example, when in a small group party there are many friends who dance. Pull your partner and invite him to dance. If he is still silent, try to dance silly in front of him. Who knows, he also wants to go dancing with you.

4. Don't complain if he is quiet

Facing a quiet couple is not complaining about it as a quiet person. Let him be him, because that is your partner's unique. Because the real character knows is you, even though it takes a lot of time to get to know him more deeply.

Never complain or force your partner to take part in socializing in a busier social environment. Understand that he can also do the socialization in his own way.

However, it is okay to invite him, pay attention if he is not comfortable with the environmental situation. You can invite him to go to a quieter place and chat with him.

The quiet couple is indeed unique and at the same time challenged. There are many things that are kept and only you special person can know the thoughts in the secret box.

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