Fitted wardrobe ideas – for an organised home and life

With a fitted wardrobe you get that great feeling when you know exactly where to find that favourite top or the much loved pair of jeans that you want to wear.

No-one wants to waste time rummaging through drawers or knocking things off hangers as you reach in the back of your wardrobe for just the right thing.

The trouble is many of our homes lack the storage space that we need. Yet one surefire way to max out the available space in a bedroom is with a fitted wardrobe.

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There are companies that offer bespoke solutions who will use every centimetre of available space, but even if you don’t have that kind of budget, there are plenty of other ‘off the peg’ options where you can choose the number of shelves, rails, racks and drawers inside.

We’ve selected a few ideas so you can choose what look might best suit your bedroom. Once you’ve seen a look you like, why not do what the architects and interior designers do and count your pairs of shoes, coats, dresses etc, so that you can work out exactly what storage system you need inside.

1. Blend into the background

Image credit: Brent Darby

Fitted wardrobes like these can be painted the same colour as your walls, so they remain unobtrusive and discreet, allowing the bed to be the main feature, while clothes, shoes and other items can be neatly stored away. Head to a retailer like Hammonds for something similar.

2.  Get creative

Image credit: Chris Snook

Here reclaimed timber has been used to build frames for the huge floor-to-ceiling wardrobes at each end of the room and a panelled door to an en-suite bathroom. It’s a unique way to make the most of the ample ceiling height in this large bedroom.

3. Choose your colour

Image credit: Go Modern

This Persona wardrobe at has film on the sides and doors so you can paint it whatever colour you like. Go for the same shade as your walls or opt for a contrasting colour. The wardrobes are customisable so can be any size you need and filler panels can be added if you want a completely seamless look.

4. Include a beauty bay

Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom

Tada! Enjoy the luxury of a dedicated beauty bay for your hairdryer and pampering paraphernalia, all discreetly hidden behind closed doors. A mirror to check your appearance and glass fronted drawers mean you can see in an instant where items are stored, so you’ll be ready in no time. Find a system like this at

5. Increase light

A fitted wardrobe like this one will not only make the most of every available centimetre in your bedroom, by opting for mirrored doors any natural light will be reflected, giving the effect of even more space and light. Decorative panelling makes an attractive feature and will reduce any glare.

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