Dining Room Banquette Seating

Have you ever seen the stunning assortment of dining room banquette seating out there? I’ve recently become fascinated with the design idea! I saw one image and then I kept seeing banquette seating everywhere. The great thing about this design idea is that it can be translated to match any design aesthetic or color palette. Get ready because these designs are ready to inspire and I can’t wait to share them! 

Photo Via: House Beautiful // Design: Heidi Caillier

First in a quaint home packed with style and an adorable dining room banquette seating area. I love the soft grey corner sofa seating paired with a white table and warm wood chairs. The color palette is divine. Plus the small gallery walls add a stunning amount of color and dimension to the space.

Photo Via: House Beautiful // Design: Arent & Pyke

Next up is a space that is luxe and professional looking. This sofa looks like a restaurant booth with beautiful tufted leather and warm wood accents. The black table and flooring balance well with the white + black painting and the white walls. That bookshelf adds a nice dash of neutral tones and visual interest thanks to all of the trinkets. 

Photo + Design Via: Benjamin Vandiver

This dining room is french country chic in the best way. I love the green sofa with a super high back in contrast to a small circular table. The beige walls look amazing with the black window frames and warm wood chairs. This is a great example that dining room banquette seating doesn’t have to wrap both sides of a corner wall.

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