Shop Watch: Fashion Favorites From Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard

I’ve been scrolling through the internet trying to find the perfect blazer to add to my collection. As some of you know, one of my favorite brands is Veronica Beard. After browsing their site, I knew I needed to highlight some of my favorite items for all of you. Specifically their dresses and blazers! They have a great selection from strong blazers to flirty dresses. There is something for every woman’s mood. Also, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring back my Shop Watch series.

About the Brand

Veronica Beard was created by two sister-in-laws, both named Veronica. How cool is that? Their mission is to create trendy and stylish clothing to help women feel more confident and empowered. VB’s motto is: “look good, feel good, and do what you love.” How do you not support a brand that wants you to feel your absolute best? Their blazers and dresses are always so beautifully designed. They have a great range of fashionable prints and patterns. Their designs come in many different fabrics like leather, silk, and even corduroy. However, they’re never too bold or two gaudy. Their brand makes you look fashionable and sophisticated. Find the perfect piece that compliments your style!

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